I can recall my first NPA Expo event. A group of some of the well-known vendors were having a bite to eat and they were discussing many topics.  I can recall them all sitting there and saying to myself, “There is a lot of knowledge sitting right here.” This knowledge could have benefitted me during my investigation of this industry, as I made the decision to enter into it. I then thought how great it would be if we could gather as much information related to the industry and put it in one place for consumption. As I researched, I found there was no one real go-to spot for this kind of information.

With that realization, we quickly decide to create Our goal for this outlet was for it to be simply informational. It was not going to be plastered with people trying to posture or sell. We wanted to gather as much relevant, newsworthy information about the industry and have it in one go-to spot.  It had to be free and it had to grow fast to ensure the concept was a good one. Needless to say, the site continues to grow on a daily basis and we are working hard to ensure the content is always fresh, always new and always at your fingertips.