Redefining Cloud Technology: PawnMaster Ignite


For over 30 years, PawnMaster has been known for our world class service in every aspect pertaining to supplying the collateral loan and buy/sell industry with state-of-the-art software. Whenever we roll out a new program, service, or support model, we do so with only one focus; Our customers. When we build cutting edge software, we don’t build to accentuate fluff. We build features into our products to put our customers in the best possible position for success, and to give them a true competitive advantage in their markets.

Our products and services are built to be bulletproof, and we never put our customers in any positions where they have to assume inherent risk pertaining to regulations, compliance, and business liabilities. Companies who practice this “shoot from the hip” approach are in it for themselves, looking to gain wallet share from their customers in every aspect of their own business and product. Our PawnMaster Ignite product has been built to ensure success for our clients, while allowing them to choose the best features and functionality to suit their business. PawnMaster is the ONLY true dual-platform servicing this industry on a global scale.

PawnMaster Ignite’s meticulous and detailed roll out was designed to guarantee that our clients had time to research and understand cloud technology, giving them the ability to decide if a cloud solution was right for them. Backed by industry-leading cloud technology, PawnMaster Ignite is well on its way to becoming the industry archetype as we continue boarding customers both large and small. PawnMaster Ignite’s cloud-based infrastructure is the newest technology on the market by at least 10 years, and has been built with functionality, speed of transaction, and user-friendliness in mind.

We will continue to offer our clients a host of options to  choose from, and will never press them to go in a direction that suits us rather than them. There have never been any forced pushes to one platform or another, and we continue to improve and add to our PawnMaster Classic product for those who decide to remain with on-premise technology. Going forward, our main objective is to continue to enhance PawnMaster Ignite with regular, well planned .Net development sprints, implementing new feature functionality at lightning speed. We’re excited to be able to start boarding thousands of customers on this outstanding product over the next 18 months.