Red Flag Report: Notification of Jewelry Scrap Over Plastic

Please be aware of jewelry circulating that is similar to what is pictured below.  The casting contains a plastic or perhaps Teflon sub-structure, so the piece will weigh more than what it’s actual metallic content is.

14K over Plastic1.jpg

The ring will feel exceptionally light for the size of the casting.  It is stamped 14K along with the word China on the underside of the shank.  Testing confirms that the clad metal does indeed assay in the 58% range while XRF analysis reveals the alloy contains Cadmium in the 4% range, which is very un-typical of a jeweler’s alloy not being used for soldering purposes.  Please do not attempt to melt this metal if you do not have proper ventilation, as Cadmium is extremely carcinogenic when it converts to a gas.