So, the biggest thing we’re trying to do with the pawnbroker is education. So, we’re trying to do a lot of educational videos, explaining to them, “Listen this happened eight years ago. What’s coming in the next eight years?” And, trying to explain to them what that is about and what that looks like for the customer segment. And, then really referring them to referral partners or people in the industry that can help them with their issues. So, I’m not an attorney, if they have a legal issue I’m going to refer them to an attorney that I know that understands the pawn business and can help them out. So, it goes the same with marketing and that kind of thing. So, you have to educate them on what they’re not good at and maybe something that’s not necessary in the scope of what I do, but I have that as a referral partner access. So, you just have to educate them.