PawnMaster – Working for You, Not Against You


Many of you may know me or have chatted with me over the years. As the Director of Operations, I get the chance to connect with many of our clients. Closing in on 3,300 customers here at Data Age means I get the chance to hear so many success stories and how many different ways our brokers operate their businesses. There is no one way to operate a business, we know that here. That’s why our approach is to offer the flexibiliity to mold everything we do around tailoring each of our products and services to help drive our customers’ success. 

Over the past 30 years, we have gained a great deal of market share and as every business does, we occasionally see customers that move away. Our approach during any transition like this, while we’re sad to see any of our customers move on, is one where we still focus on providing the absolute best service to those customers because we are confident at some point we will engage them again. Sometimes sooner than later. For example, we’ve had customers retire and come back to us when they decided to get back into the business. In the case of the video below, we had a happy customer who received repeated phone calls from a competitor, filled with promises that ended up not being fulfilled. The customer came back when they realized the software didn’t work for their needs and the threat of security and stability was keeping her up at night.

The core tenants of how Data Age approaches our business, and service our customers is a major sticking point. But as we always say, “Don’t take it from us, take it from our customers.” We always look forward to hearing these success stories because they help us know what we’re doing right, and what we can do better.

Our focus has always been on the Pawnbroker and this summer will only emphasize this even more. We have some exciting things to come so stay tuned!