PawnMaster Webinar Update!

In the last Data Age Times we introduced the concept of hosting PawnMaster Webinars. Webinar WorkshopsThe Webinars are being designed to help you better understand all the functionality PawnMaster offers, thereby increasing your bottom line. Why do we care about your bottom line? We cannot continue to be a successful company if our clients are not also successful growing their organizations. It is our goal entering Data Age’s 25th year in business, to help our clients be more successful pawn shop owners than ever before!

Our first Webinar was met with overwhelming success, focused on how PawnMaster has helped our clients acquire new customers, increase customer loyalty and retention, increase revenue from existing customers and increase customer service capabilities. These are the top four reasons that businesses choose to implement Customer Relationship Management Software also known as CRM software.

If you missed this first Webinar, no problem! Contact your Account Manager for instructions on how to view the recorded version! Your feedback and topic suggestions for future Webinars are strongly encouraged!

Our next Webinar is scheduled for XXX when we will be discussing how PawnMaster helps clients to Optimize Inventory Turns!