PawnMaster Shares Plans for Retaining A Customer-Centric Model Throughout Massive Growth Phase


Data Age Business Systems, the developers of PawnMaster pawn management software, have announced its plan for expansion to a three-tiered customer-centric service model to continue enhancing customer experience as it rapidly increases market share. In preparation to satisfy this massive growth, PawnMaster is promoting Alan Kircher & Brent Nocera to Sales Director positions.

Mr.Kircher and Mr. Nocera have more than 35 years of combined sales experience. CEO Len Summa says, “These highly trained professionals will continue to expand upon our customer-focused model with their proven approaches and dedication they have for our customers.” As a part of the business model, the promotion of the top two Sales Executives will pave the path for providing more one-on-one interaction with their clients while providing oversight of each of their fully staffed teams. Over the past two years, PawnMaster has been growing at a rapid pace. Their ability to easily manage this growth resides in their product capabilities, detailed process and moreover, highly trained staff. In an industry that has experienced several unsettling events that have impacted the consumer, PawnMaster provides the stability to curb uncertainty so shop owners can get back to running their shops worry-free. Market conditions the past two years have seen an abundance of new customers enter the industry along with a wealth of competitive customers migrating to the PawnMaster platform.

Between introducing new, stable and innovative products while executing their recent acquisition and massive organic growth, PawnMaster has taken a proactive approach to ensure customer expectations are exceeded on all levels. The growth model puts the right leadership in positions to facilitate expansion while enhancing customer experience. PawnMaster leadership has spent countless hours mapping the customer journey to continually improve upon all of their processes. As they gain new clients, they are putting more resources toward the customer. With the understanding that each client is unique, the goal is to offer products and tools to make each of their clients more successful based on their individual needs. PawnMaster has a customer-centric business model and a solutions-based sales approach to onboarding new clients. Their ability to tailor-fit each client’s software is a major industry differentiator.

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