PawnMaster Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the features that makes PawnMaster so easy and fast to use is the built in keyboard shortcuts. You don’t need to use a mouse to do most functions in PawnMaster. In fact, with a little practice, using keyboard shortcuts can be much faster than using a mouse. One of the most popular videos in our “Did You Know” series is the one on shortcuts. We’ve had several customers ask us to provided a more expanded list of those shortcuts. Richard Lutz, the Data Age University Product Training Manager, has put together this comprehensive list of the keyboard shortcuts available in PawnMaster.

PawnMaster Login Screen

On the login screen, the tab key or arrow keys may be used to move the cursor. Enter key or ALT+ O used to login.

PawnMaster Toolbar

On the home screen, pressing the ALT key, will add an underline to the shortcut keys. Here is a list of the shortcuts for the PawnMaster toolbar:

ALT+F File ALT+R Reports
ALT+A Admin ALT+T Tools
ALT+C Customer ALT+O Police
ALT+P Pawn/Buy ALT+G GL Export
ALT+S Sales ALT+M CheckMaster
ALT+I Inventory ALT+H Help, Also accessible by pressing F1 and right-clicking in certain fields


When using keyboard shortcuts, hold down the ALT key through each of the keystrokes. Do not release then press the alt key again, because, depending on the key combination selected different menus will open.

For example;

Pressing ALT+P, N, F, I, will start a new pawn and take me right to the screen to scan a customer’s ID.

However pressing ALT+P then ALT+N then ALT+F then ALT +I will result in opening the inventory menu.

Memorizing the keyboard shortcuts for just a few of the most frequently used tasks will greatly increase your speed and productivity.


Admin Customers…
ALT+C Cash Drawers ALT+E Edit
ALT+G Gun Log ALT+F Find
ALT+M Maintain Employees… ALT+A Add
ALT+V Vendors… ALT+D Delete
ALT+P Printer Setup ALT+X Exit
ALT+D Image Capture Devices
ALT+W Weight and Balance
ALT+S Store Setup
ALT+I Item Setup (Codes)
ALT+L Customer Locks


Pawn/Buy Sales
ALT+N New ALT+S Sale
ALT+M Maintain ALT+M Maintain Sale
ALT+P Payment ALT+L Layaway
ALT+L Forfeit Listing ALT+Y Maintain Layaway
ALT+F Forfeit Pull ALT+R Repair
ALT+O Overdue Title Loans ALT+E Maintain Repair
ALT+R Send Out for Repo ALT+C Credit Sale
ALT+U Undo Reminder Notices ALT+D Maintain Credit Sale
ALT+B Assign Bins ALT+I Memo Item
ALT+C Change Amounts of Items ALT+O Maintain Memo
ALT+A Audit
ALT+E Remote Store Payment


Inventory Reports
ALT+N New ALT+C Report Categories
ALT+M Maintain Inv ALT+R Reports
ALT+S Scrap ALT+T Total Only
ALT+C Combine ALT+P Print
ALT+I Repair ALT+X Exit
ALT+T Transfer
ALT+P Physical
ALT+E Real-time Physical
ALT+R Receive Inventory
ALT+A Auction
ALT+U Mass update price


Tools Police
ALT+B Backup ALT+T Ticket Listing
ALT+A Data Maintenance ALT+C Create File to Send
ALT+C Remove/Add Cash ALT+H Hold/Confiscate
ALT+M Message ALT+O OFAC SDN Listing
ALT+G Gold Quote ALT+B BWI Real-time Sub
ALT+D Daily Spot Price
ALT+W Wanted Items
ALT+P Change Emp Password
ALT+T Time clock
ALT+O Combine Customers
ALT+E Extend all Pawns GL Export
ALT+F Pickup a Firearm ALT+X Export Batch Data
ALT+L E-Mail Customers ALT+P Print Batch
ALT+K Print a Check ALT+A Setup Accounts
ALT+R Debit Load Card ALT+C Setup Cash drawers
ALT+S Send Text Messages ALT+I Setup Item Types
ALT+X Send Blast Text Message ALT+M Setup Account Mask
ALT+H Print Shelf Labels ALT+O Setup Options
ALT+Q Metal Quick Quote ALT+K Setup Checking Accounts
ALT+I Protection Plan ALT+R Remote Store Payment Setup

Those are the main keyboard shortcuts currently available in PawnMaster. For more information on using PawnMaster more efficiently, contact Richard Lutz at 727-582-9100.