PawnMaster discrepancy report?

The first question isn’t clear as to which of the two “Discrepancy” reports are being referenced, so I will address both.

The Firearms Discrepancy report is in the category “Firearms” and is report #7. At Data Age we recommend that any shop with an FFL run this report daily. In most cases the result should be “There are no firearm discrepancies”, but there is an exception.

What’s happening here is, PawnMaster has two separate databases for firearms. Anytime a gun is acquired or disposed of both databases are written too. If one database should be changed and not the other, this would create a discrepancy. The causes can vary from bad data in a conversion to a network interruption during a gun sale. If you ever encounter an unexpected discrepancy, please call PawnMaster support at 727-582-9100 so that a technician can assist you.

The exception is when a shop decides to enter non-regulated firearms, such as antiques, black powder, and air powered guns. These items will be in inventory but not be posted to the gun log. These would be acceptable discrepancies.

There is also the Physical Items Discrepancy report located in Management, Report #10. This report is used in conjunction with Physical Inventory in the inventory section on the toolbar. Shops can use data collection tools to perform an audit of items for sale, layaways or pawns and buys. The audit could also be by item type or a location if bins are used. This report lists only the items with discrepancies (problems). For further explanation please see chapter 19, inventory audits in the help file or call your account representative at Data Age.