PawnMaster analysis report?

I think it is fair to say that no two pawnbrokers will look at a single report in the same way. With that said; The Analysis report (Accounting Report #1) is actually 5 reports in one if YES is selected when prompted with “Print a breakdown by item types?”. Many shops print this report daily. This is also a good report to run at the end of each month for the whole month.

Part one of this Report shows pawn, buy and sales quantities, service charges, fees, and voids. Not all shops are allowed to collect all fees listed. In many cases, interest and fees will be combined under the heading “service charges”, if allowed. This is to simplify reading the report. The term servicing the loan includes such things as entering the item descriptions, entering customer data, protecting the collateral, testing items and many other aspects of collateral lending.

Part two of this report is a summary of part one with the quantities and voids removed. At the bottom of part two, the cost of goods sold is reported as well as profit margin and markup.

Part three details how the transactions in part one affected inventory as well as any other activity that alter inventory. This is broken down into three categories, (Firearms, Jewelry & Other) and the total for all.

Part four is a listing of the buys and pawns by item type. All buys will be pulled into inventory. Many pawns will be redeemed and some will default. This report can be used to look for trends in item types that are defaulting and what item types are popular as collateral or being sold.

Part Five is a sales report by item type. Here management can compare the items from part four that have a high default rate to see if they are selling and if so at what velocity and profit margin.