Pawnbroker Software Giant Data Age, Grows Company!


Data Age Grows Company Largo, FL – January 6, 2012 – Today, Data Age Business Systems (Data Age), a U.S. based developer of pawnshop management software marketed as PawnMaster® announced measures taken to grow its company. The twenty-four year old company has continued to execute its plan to grow the company and strengthen its leadership role in the pawn industry. Throughout the last four years the company has succeeded in experiencing double digit growth and has responded by further investing in its infrastructure. Victor Guzman (Data Age’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing) says “our company’s commitment to the pawn industry and to implementing best practices is clearly paying-off”.

While the U.S. pawn industry is comprised of some 15,000 shops, it comes as no surprise to find that many shops are either still manual or operating with archaic software that fails to meet the needs of the market. In 2011 and 2012, Data Age has taken measures to expand its company by adding more people to development, quality assurance, account management, sales, technical support, administration and training. Mr. Guzman continues to explain how “the pawn software industry is ridden with product that is nothing more than a means to support the lifestyle of a programmer” he feels that lack of attention to the basics of building a business have put these vendors in vulnerable positions. According to Guzman, “the end result is pawn operators having to reinvest in systems and to undergo laborious efforts in converting from one system to another”. While Data Age has developed procedures to assist pawnshop operators wanting to transition, lack of standards in the capture of data, and software vendor’s proprietary formats, still create challenging situations.

Tom Sams, CEO of Capital Pawn who currently owns a chain of nine pawnshops created his own pawnshop management system and for a number of years marketed it to pawnbrokers. In 2011, Mr. Sams abandoned his program and converted all his stores to Data Age’s PawnMaster product. Mr. Sams stated that “we had to make some hard decisions, continue to invest in software development or to partner with a firm that has proven itself and continues to grow its infrastructure and product line”. After an intensive analysis of software vendors Mr. Sams found that the majority of vendors in the market either failed to invest in their company’s future growth or simply no longer sold their products, they sat back and collected fees for support. To exacerbate the situation, some vendors touted online systems that resulted in loss of control of one’s data. Mr. Sams adamantly opposed yielding control of his lifeblood to a firm that could later hold him hostage.

About Capital Pawn
Capital Pawn Stores has been raising the standards for the pawn industry since 1990 by providing an environment that redefines a pawnshop. The original store which opened in Naples, Florida, has become the hallmark to success where cash loans are available on items such as jewelry, gold, televisions, musical instruments, tools, and so much more. Clean, spacious layouts with friendly and courteous personnel provide clients with an atmosphere that is professional and beyond reproach. Today, Capital Pawn operates nine stores that are conveniently located across Southwest Florida. Merchandise is stored in a secure area until loans are repaid. Extended terms are available for clients needing that extra consideration. Capital Pawn has been an ardent proponent of protecting the privacy of pawn customers and has sought to encourage law enforcement reporting standards nationwide.

About Data Age
Data Age Business Systems is a leading provider of Financial Transaction Software Solutions designed to help businesses improve profitability, comply with regulatory environments, and to implement controls that facilitate decision making, diversification and growth. Data Age’s focus is the alternative financial services industry. It provides software solutions to Pawnbrokers, Check Cashing, Payday Advance, Liquor Store, and Title Loan businesses. In addition, the company provides Credit Card Merchant Processing and off-site Data Storage services.

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