Pawn Shops Have Too Much To Lose To Not Follow The Rules

Many people forget that pawn shops are one of the most regulated businesses always working side by side with law enforcement. Our pawnbroker software PawnMaster, integrates with several law enforcement reporting agencies to help you stay out of trouble.

Below is a great article By Tracey LEONG

The Old West Gun and Loan shop in Redding say that when stores operate without the proper licensing, it reflects poorly on them as well.

“It gives us a bad reputation when people aren’t playing by the rules, something goes wrong and everybody puts us all in the same boat when we’re not,” said Richard Howell, the general manager of the Old West Gun and Loan shop.

Richard Howell has been the general manager for 30 years, and says they have been in business for over 50 years because they have always obeyed the law.

“We have always done the legal route, we always have there is too much to lose not to,” said Howell.

Anytime a person comes to their pawn shop to sell an item, they are required to sign a bill of sales that mandates them to show proper photo identification, as well as sign the sheet and add their thumb print. This form is sent to the police department everyday to be reviewed. Each piece of jewelry needs to be held for 30 days, which allows police to take the proper actions if the item is stolen.

“If in fact we do take an item that’s stolen it’s because we did it right in the first place that the RPD had access to the information that tagged the merchandise as stolen,” said Howell, “We work very close with them, how everybody else conducts there is their own business, how we conduct business at the Old West and Loan is right on the board, above board all the time.”