Pawn Shop Holiday Checklist

Pawn Shop Holiday Checklist

holiday checklist

o Get your social media pages up and running

WHY: This holiday season is expected to be the first to test a new wave of social commerce. Word-of-mouth about your shop and your sales can bring in more paying customers. Consider offering a discount for customers who check in to your store.

o Put together a holiday calendar of planned promotions

WHY: Plan now to get ahead, so when your stores are extra busy with holiday volume, you’ll already have it done. Make sure to communicate all of your sales with your employees.

In addition to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Free Shipping day, you can also think about doing a sale in early November to attract early shoppers, Small Business Saturday is November 29, have special offers in early December to celebrate the beginning of the shopping season, and “Final Days” for last minute shoppers. Be as creative as you’d like with it.

Don’t forget to think about all the channels you have available for promoting your sales. Text messaging, e-mail, snail mail, flyers, store signage, etc.

o Get your inventory online

WHY: If you already have a system in place for getting your inventory online now, you’ll be able to take advantage of the holiday e-commerce spending, in addition to your regular retail operation. Consider offering free shipping for online sales.

o Be sure to opt all of your customers in for marketing text messages

WHY: This way, you’ll be able to include all your customers in any holiday promotions you run. They’ll be able to receive and redeem promotions right on their phone.

o Make sure to include Customer Loyalty Points in your sales

WHY: Customer Loyalty Points are points your customers earn on every dollar they spend. They can redeem the points for discounts in your shop on future purchases. This will keep your customers coming back. The more money they spend, the more they earn. Be sure to have you loyalty points program in place so the customers you gain over the holidays come back later to redeem their loyalty points.