Our employees are our greatest asset


I’ve been with Data Age for a year and a half as their Human Resources Director and I have been a part of developing what makes us successful…Our Employees.  Getting to this point didn’t happen overnight as I’m sure any H.R. Leader can attest to.  There have been a painstaking number of interviews, pre-employment tests, candidate reviews, orientations and training to get to this level but our due diligence has paid off and continues to pay off.

Our employees are talented at their profession and use their skills to supply high quality software and service to our customers. We are not only culturally diverse we are diverse in the skills, knowledge and abilities of our employees.  These attributes are a big part of what allows us to be successful and leaders in our industry. We have team members who are talented Developers, Sales Reps., Technical Support Reps., and Business Leaders.  They have passion for the work they produce because not only is it a reflection of Data Age it’s a reflection of themselves and their skills.  They truly take pride in their work and are highly devoted to achieving quality.  We are able to produce the quality our customers are expecting because of the talents of our employees and know it will get done successfully. 

I just felt it necessary to share a little about our employees because they are what keep Data Age churning out quality product and programming day in and day out.  We are very proud to say that we improve every day because of the commitment our Team Members have made to Data Age, one another and themselves. It all starts with hiring quality individuals who meet the cultural expectations of the organization which then culminates in a Team that provides quality, industry leading software and support.  I believe because our employees are passionate about what they do we are able to continue to grow and I absolutely look forward to what the future holds for Data Age.

Bill Reinacher