One Strike and You’re Out


This industry consist of smart buyers who invest their mindshare on areas of great interest for themselves. What I would call the “quick-fix” and the “now” items that immediately impact them.

In a lot of cases software and technology sit outside of their strike zones. They may not be viewed as a top priority because the pawn broker has so many other things on their plate. In the many calls we have been receiving lately, several have been frantic as fear of the unknown creeps in.


With chaos in the pawn software market, people are finding their vendors are not being upfront with them as they try high-pressured tactics to close a sale instead of helping the clientBottom line… PawnMaster will give you the facts you need to make an educated decision.

In the sales process, we must secure their interest within a very short period of time. Read the article below; it is spot on about the Twitter world. We have to condense ourselves, get small and be more impactful than ever before in a smaller timeframe. We must do this as we execute to being professionally persistent and view ourselves as an extra set of helping hands to our clients. We must deliver value in every touch we have with our clients.

We aim to hit a homerun with each of our customers every time. 

To point number one in the article, PawnMaster in a word – Stability.