One of the best ways to sell more jewelry is to be a better listener!



Sales Diva Kate Peterson of Performance Concepts tells us the NEW & BEST way to sell is to modify each presentation to that specific customer. You can’t just tell why a ring is good any more, you must tell the customer WHY THE RING IS GOOD FOR THEM! You can only do that if you shut up and listen! Young people want customization. 83% of engagement rings last year where customized. They want CUSTOMIZED PRESENTATIONS too! 
Do this by listening to the customer then repeating back to them. Ask her likes! She likes to cook? “Oh well this ring is perfect for a cook because there are not too many places food can get trapped in it.” She likes to bike? “Well with this necklace she won’t even need a bike light, because people will see her coming a mile away!”

Listening cures Foot-in-the-Mouth Disease!
A man walks in to your store with an older woman, you assume its his mom. You are wrong… Now she feels insulted. Never assume!
 Ask and listen and it will help keep you out of trouble.

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Listening is really HARD!
After doing this for so long, it’s easy to anticipate what your customer is going to say. We have all found ourselves giving a standard sale pitch rather than really listening to the customer’s needs. We need to be better listeners. The more we listen, the more we can sell.

Shut up!
You would think talkers make the best sales people, but in fact listeners close more sales! Listen more and you will be more well liked and sell more.

Want to tell your customer why platinum is great? Don’t just rant, ask them “Hey do you know what makes Platinum better than white gold?” 
This also prevents you from telling them something they already know, which is the fastest way to bore someone. 
Ask instead of tell, and you will be more engaging.

It’s after lunch, you are tired, you have just showed 4 different couples

engagement rings. It’s hard to start fresh and listen to this new couple that just came in.
Alan Berg, dynamic speaker at Chicago’s InStore show, has a good trick for you. Make a Reset Button! That’s right, the act of physically pushing a reset button after each customer will help you start fresh each time. Even just drawing one on a piece of paper and pressing it before each new customer could help you improve!