On The Road With Len & Dave

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As I sit back and watch this winter storm roll into Long Island, New York, I reflect back on my business career. Dave and I make it a point to visit as many customers as we can in a calendar year, and today we find ourselves in New York. In a few days, we’ll be out in West Virginia to see Joey Leza and the Pawnmore team.  As business owners and business leaders, we must stay conscious of the fact that we are in a people-oriented business. Regardless of the circumstances or what may come up, the show must always go on and we must do whatever it takes to ensure the success of our customers, our teams and our business. In our history at Data Age/PawnMaster, and most likely in yours as well, there has been no greater challenge than the one Covid-19 presented us. However, we have all had several other obstacles and challenges placed in our paths over the years, long before Covid-19.

In today’s age of the buyer, it is more important than ever to make sure we deliver more than just our products or services. Understanding that today’s buyers are way more savvy and have a great education because of the research they have done online. Information is readily available in the palm of your hands at any given moment you need it, and it’s the same way for your customers. You differentiate yourselves based on your commitment to your customers and the manner you deliver it in.

Dave and I are always seeking feedback from you, our customers. That’s why we’re out her weathering these storms. In the future, we will continue to dig out and make sure we connect with our customers to secure feedback in our efforts to always get better.

Have a great month and continue to stand out in the crowd.