New eBook – 12 Things You Should Know Before You Open a Pawnshop

12 Things to Know Before You Open a PawnshopWe are proud to announce we have just released our new eBook, “The 12 Things You Should Know Before You Open a Pawnshop“. Over the last 25 years we’ve worked with a lot of new shop owners, have shared their experiences, their successes and their challenges. From the shop owner in North Carolina who, on his first day open, had a line around the corner; to the shop in Florida that had a power surge damage every one of their TV’s. For every dozen successes we’ve seen, we’ve also seen a mistake or two. Mistakes that could have easily been avoided with a little advanced knowledge.

The growth of our industry over the last several years is bringing in a lot of new pawnbrokers. The number of people we speak to who are looking to open a new shop but have little industry experience is growing monthly. Many have experiences in other businesses but, as we all know, the pawn industry has a unique set of challenges, and anyone not aware of these challenges could be out of business before the doors are even open.

To help these new shop owners avoid at least some of the pitfalls common to new pawnbrokers, we have put together the eBook, “The 12 Things You Should Know Before You Open a Pawnshop“. This eBook covers some of the basic things that need to be addressed before the grand opening sign goes up. In it we look at how city ordinances can come into play when selecting a location, how important knowing ALL of the regulations in your area can be, we touch on contracts, licensing, funding and much more. This eBook also includes over 40 links to references and more detailed information about the topics covered.

Of course this isn’t a complete list of everything a pawn shop owner needs to know but with so many people looking to get into the industry, we feel it’s a good place to start.

Download it here, have a look and let us know what you think!