Need a Better Way to Reach Shoppers and Boost Sales this Holiday Season?


Text messaging can help. As a business owner, you must use every opportunity to communicate with your prospects, customers, and VIPs. Whether you send plain text messages or texts with hyperlinks directing your customers to a landing page of your choice, mobile marketing can attract more buyers throughout the holidays. What’s your plan for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and even post-holiday retail sales?

Why Text Messaging?

1) It’s an effective way to notify consumers and clients about sales and store events.

2) It also provides an opportunity to interact with customers on a personal level through the devices they use the most.

3) Mobile marketing offers significantly more customer touches and a higher return on investment (ROI) than other forms of marketing.


NOW! It’s never too early to start building a mobile database in preparation for the holidays. As your database grows, use it to test new coupons and promotions so you know what works and what doesn’t. History shows when you send “sneak peek” texts leading up to your final holiday blast you get a better turn out. Research also shows that, during the holiday season, most people either shop one-day flash sales like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and/or Cyber Monday, or wait till two weeks before Christmas. This is a great opportunity to capitalize on holiday spending peaks that take place during the last full week before Christmas.

Start using your social media outlets or your webpage to highlight your weekly specials. You will have better insight into what works best for your customer base. Here are a couple ideas: Try Hidden Holiday Deals or offer a “12 Days of Christmas” sale (offering a different item at slashed prices each day and expire them at end of business that day.)


Sign them up for text messaging and tell them this is your form of communication for sales and holiday price slashing. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know! Once you have your customers signed up here’s what you do:

  • Send multiple blasts during the weeks leading up to a holiday or sale.
  • Entice the customer to keep checking back for door busters and hot items.
  • Text a quick “to expire” offer such as a one-day-only shopping pass a few days before the actual holiday. The immediacy will drive sales and interest.
  • In the last few days leading up to a major holiday or sale, when shoppers are rushing to find the perfect last minute gift, send a text with a hyperlink to your webpage or social media page displaying videos, tips, gift guides, look books, and product images. Make sure to include prices and A WAY TO BUY!


Use signage at your register to give shoppers a special offer for opting-in to your mobile marketing campaign.

It’s all about messaging, timing and location. PawnMaster can simplify this process for you. We have gone one step further are offering to Launch your blasts for you FREE of charge* to get you started with the upcoming holidays help make this holiday season stress free and prosperous! 

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*Rules and restrictions apply. Blasting service is free. Standard texting rates apply.