My Week At Data Age

My Week At Data Age_Header

For the past three weeks, I have been interning at Data Age and wanted to share what my experience has been like. My role has been quite unique in the office in that I have been shadowing different departments every week within Data Age during the morning, then having a project to work on in the afternoon. So far, I’ve been with the Sales, Accounting, and Marketing departments. 

This is what I’ve seen: 

The first and what was most noticeable to me right away was that Data Age is a company that has adapted with the times. Although some employees may be working remotely, the communication within and outside the office flows very well. Being a college student who had the majority of classes online this past year, I was craving an in-person office experience. I honestly believe that this position works very well for me, because I still get to communicate online like I am used to while also seeing friendly faces within the office. 

Next, I couldn’t write this blog without mentioning all the “Good Mornings.” Everyone around the office has been unbelievably welcoming. Even coworkers I haven’t had the chance to meet yet still say “Good Morning” every day as they walk to their desks. 

Additionally, everyone here is dedicated to both their work and one another. In my time in the Sales department, I was amazed how every sales rep truly cared for their customers. They not only knew the name of the owner but each of the employees too. Also, I admire how caring for one another doesn’t just stop in the office, but goes beyond the workplace.

Finally, I have to say one major pro of being in the office is getting access to some very good bagels last week. I’m looking forward to the rest of the summer, working with and learning from different departments—and definitely getting some more bagels.