May the Spirit of Halloween “Bewitch” You


Oompa-Loompa.gifWell the witching hour is once again upon us, and the year 

is starting to come to a fast end. Over the years, we have drove the point home about company and business culture.  When you have a company that eats, drinks, and sleeps the company culture, it becomes infectious and it makes its way into the customer base. Many of you have the opportunity to invite your customers to company events or highlight customers when you hold events at your store. This approach is necessary in today’s competitive market and can be a real differentiator.  It also gives your staff and clients something to look forward to and once these events have been donethe chatter and planning are always the talk around the water cooler.

Halloween is the big event here at Data Age. This special day gives our folks the chance to cut loose a bit and show their personalities in their own unique ways. We work very hard for our customers, and having them see us as regular people is something we feel is very important.  Being able to identify with our clients just adds to the many reasons for our success. Halloween also signifies the start of what we call the “Silly Season” (the holidays). We, and our customers, are heads-down, doing all we can to finish the year on a strong note and get prepared for the upcoming year. Managing the day-to-day grind over the course of a business year is not easy. Rewarding your staff, your clients, and yourself is something you should do at least a few times a year.