Markets for gold and silver are crazy


Markets for gold and silver are crazy as of late. $25 x 2 day swings up and down. As I’ve said before, it’s like an elevator but there is no “definitely”… Especially when you’re ready to settle a lot or hedge when shipping.

Keep an eye on the US dollar, stock markets, job markets, fed talks (interest), President Trump, Democratic Party, unruly activity both overseas and in the US. They will all have an impact on where metals will move — up, down or remain flat. It’s a Friday, as I’m writing this and markets are up $5 – used to be a “profit taking day” for traders for their weekend ca$h. It doesn’t roll like that any longer.

Don’t wait for your ego number, if it’s close – take it. For example: If you’re looking for $260 market on 30 toz and your refiner can get you $259 where they sold it… Take it. Yes it can go up but like it did the other day, it can drop $15 or more in a flash.

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