Marketing Matters

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Marketing. I could write that word in hieroglyphics and we would probably be as close to understanding it as we are in English. 

What is it? What does it mean? How do I do it? What will I get and how do I measure my results?

The truth is that, Like anything, marketing HAS to be a plan, and you have to have a specific goal, and then follow the plan to achieve the goal. The mere mention of the word “marketing” elicits so many definitions from so many people that it’s a wonder that any of us are able to get the results that we want…… or are we?

I have found in my career that Marketing is often a hit or miss proposition, and the results that you want are often, not, the results that you get, but the fact is that we are usually happy with any results at all. 

When we, as brokers, look to change a behavior in our employees, we typically know the exact behavior that we want to change, and then we apply a commission structure, or policy change to affect that specific behavior. 

Marketing is the same. What do you want to achieve? Then be specific and employ strategies and then measure the results. It sounds so simple when you look at it like that, but we all know that it isn’t that easy. 

Len Summa and I are in the process of filming a multi part series on this very subject – a spin-off of our “PawnBrokers 20/20” pawncast called “Marketing Matters.” In this series, we will take a dive deep into marketing, how it will affect your business, and the different types of marketing that you can do to achieve your best results. One thing is clear, marketing matters, and it can change the course of your business.