Marketing for the Holiday Season

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It’s getting cold out, families are gathering, and business is booming. Sounds like someone did a great job marketing their store during the summer. In order to win at the end of the year, business owners should start making moves during the dog days of summer. Here are a few keys that will help you increase traffic during the holiday season.

  1. Make your store inviting. Remodel, paint, curb appeal, upbeat music playing, etc. The more comfortable the public feels coming in(and inside), the more chance that you have to retain them as a long-term customer. Get them in during the summer and they will visit in the fall/winter.
  2. Separate yourself from your competition with BIG DEALS that excite people. Have a daily special that is 75% off, create a 50% off jewelry case, etc. I always preferred giving my customers crazy good deals vs. spending advertising dollars on radio or tv. When any of us get great service, or great deals, at a place of business we are sure to tell all our friends. And in today’s society we also give Facebook/Google reviews as well. Best advertising that there is available today.
  3. Use social media every day and engage your followers with solid content that makes them come back to your site often.
  4. Inventory – Make sure you have it! And make sure you get it from the community. It’s fine to order wholesale(especially firearms), but the more money that you “give” to your customers and the more items that you accept, the more people that will frequent your business. I know that when I am shopping second hand, that I frequent the stores that carry a wide variety of merchandise and have plenty of it.
  5. Have a layaway program. There’s nothing better than having a customer come in monthly to pay for a holiday gift and seizing the opportunity to create an add-on sale while they are in-house.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The biggest advice that I can give is to live your company’s mission every day and create an atmosphere that people want to be in. Enjoy every day in the store and get involved in your community as much as possible. Nothing will every replace a handshake and a smile.