Make More Money Using Your PawnMaster Data: Customer Snapshot


PawnMaster has a tool that helps pawnbrokers get the most from their customer data called the Customer Snapshot, that little box on the right of the New Pawn screen that is displayed after selecting a customer. It lists the number of active loans, number of redeemed and defaulted loans, as well as the number of buys, redemption ratio, return ratio and total sales in dollars. This is important information. This is a quick-glance record of how your customers are treating you.

Knowing that a customer has a solid history of redeeming their loans gives you confidence in writing another loan. If they are defaulting more often than not, perhaps you will decide to offer to buy good collateral and turn away risky items. If you see that a customer has I high sales ratio, your smile for her is just a little bit bigger.

Finally, the most important statistic shown will tell you what your current return on investment is for this customer.  If the return ratio is well over 100%, you can rest assured that you will likely make your money back again in your dealings with this customer and the reverse is true for customers who have a low return ratio with more than one or two transactions in their history.