Let the Customer do the Talking


All Businesses can talk about their great service or incredible products all day long, but self-promotion can’t come close to instilling the kind of credibility and authority that comes from customer testimonials, customer success stories and customer loyalty. Especially from customers you have been doing business with for many, many years.  

Customers voices provide a form of credibility that businesses can’t manufacture on their own. Prospective consumers are being increasingly affected by the opinions and experiences of people like themselves. Moreover, showcasing the stories and positive experiences of your clients allows satisfied customers to do some of the heavy lifting for you in a manner that resonates with potential customers. Transparency from A-Z for customers and prospective customers goes a long way in any market. No matter how small or big your company is, the most impactful way to progress your business and the success of your business is word-of-mouth marketing.

Having an open door and active listening policy is also vitally important. Taking a consultative approach to working with a customer is a win/win for all those involved. All great companies with staying power weave this into their cultures. Larger companies understand and embrace this. Smaller lifestyle companies often run into challenges here because they can’t emotionally detach themselves from having tunnel vision — focusing only on their own gain, or having the “Me” mindset. 

The added benefit to listening to what your customers have to say is that it allows you to self-scout and build better products. It galvanizes great client support and helps sales people better understand their clients through consultative sales approaches as opposed to high-pressure tactics. This works in any business.

Embracing this, Data Age/PawnMaster will be featuring several of our loyal, satisfied customers in the coming weeks. Our customers will be doing the talking for us. In the meantime, check out our testimonial page.