Len Summa Gets Promoted at Data Age to C.O.O.!!!

For many years, our company has seenLen Summa Got Promoted!!! growth potential and so many people have helped see this vision evolve. As the economic climate will continue to support our growth and as the market dynamics evolve, we now more than ever see the need for real corporate structure to be put in place to accommodate and drive this growth. The vision and need was always there but now is the time to act to ensure we can grow this firm to heights with no ceilings.

One of the most critical hires the firm has made over the past 5 years has been hiring Len Summa. Len brings a highly decorated and very successful business track record to Data Age. His accolades have been achieved through dedication and methodology driven by hard work, sound process, tightly woven and highly collaborative communication principals, which are all driven by an unmatched passion to see everyone succeed. Len not only preaches The TEAM concept, we assure you, he lives it. His skills and successes in the sales arena are well-documented. Len also brings with him over 20 years of software business operations experience where he was tasked to ensure the financial health of several software firms. As we press forward, we have realized the company needs to have one focal leader to ensure all departments are operating at peak efficiency as we accelerate our growth efforts.

Len started here at Data Age as our Sales Director, then within the first two months moved up to the role of VP of Sales and Marketing. At this time we would like to re-introduce Len Summa as Data Age’s Chief Operational Office (COO). Len’s role will always be to ensure our firm is securing new revenues but will also ensure each department is operating efficiently as we run our company day in and day out. These are exciting times for our firm and we are very confident in Len and the rest of the team, as we strive for great success. Congratulations Len!!!