Introducing Scott Sweeney, The Insurance Blogger


Hi Folks,

My name is Scott Sweeney and I help oversee Marshall & Sterling’s Pawn Elite Insurance Program. Eight years ago we created an insurance program like no other for the Pawn Industry. During that time I traveled the country attending trade shows, conducting speaking events for your State Associations, providing continuing education talks. I also spent time visiting your stores to work with many of you one-on-one  in an effort to build our brand, grow our program and instill a reputation within the Pawn Industry that Marshall & Sterling is very proud of today.

I am very excited to have been asked to partner with Data Age to share my experiences and bring you insurance-related content that I hope will have an impact on you and your business. I am very passionate about what I do. While some of you may hate insurance, I love it! I truly believe in helping others by protecting their biggest assets. I am assessable, knowledgeable and have resources behind the scenes that give me and our program a distinct advantage over my competition. My goal is to align myself with my clients to become their trusted advisor, making sure they are properly protected.  I will always stand by my clients at the time of a loss, to make them whole and resolve whatever problems occur. 

Marshall & Sterling was founded in 1864 when Abraham Lincoln was President. You read that correctly… Abraham Lincoln was President when my company was founded!  We were a small company back then located in a little upstate NY town called Poughkeepsie.  Today we still call Poughkeepsie home, but are proud of the fact that we are an employee-owned company with 25 locations throughout the US including the US Virgin Islands, and we are currently ranked as the 33rd largest privately-held insurance agency in this country (out of over 40,000).

I look forward to this partnership!  I welcome your feedback, and the opportunity to speak with any of you on any specific topics you would like addressed. 

Thank you so much! Scott.