Innovation is a Necessity, Customer Experience is the Differentiator

PawnMaster Customer Experience.png

As the industry leaders for close to three decades, we have many undeniable differentiators we bring to the market. Dual platform capabilities, the largest customer base, the largest customer support teams and the largest on-site development teams in the industry just bolster our time-tested stability, which at present is even more important and calming than ever before for our industry.  Another true differentiator, though, is the experience we provide for our customers. You may have heard the buzzwords, “Customer Experience” or “Cx”. In our world, customer experience isn’t a buzzword. It’s a way of life. Each and every person who comes to work at Data Age is involved in providing a remarkable experience for our customers on some level and each and every person here genuinely cares about all of our customers. At Data Age, it isn’t just about making the initial sale. Our model is put in place to ensure you are taken care of throughout your entire lifecycle as our customer – and our customer loyalty has proven this approach works. 


Tonya_Cardinali_Headshot.jpg Initial Inquiry
Tonya Cardinali, Marketing Director

From the moment a customer reaches our website, we do our best to provide an exceptional experience for them. We try to answer as many of their questions as we can online so they can be well informed when we speak to them. This is very evident with our highly informative white papers, testimonials, blogs and social networking presence.

When someone completes a form requesting more information, it immediately gets routed to the correct department and is made top priority. We know you’re busy and when you have questions you want answers quickly. Our sales and technical support teams are trained to do a needs assessment upon the call so they can make the conversation as efficient and informative as possible.


Len_Summa_Headshot_Cropped.png Sales
Len Summa, COO

Our industry specialists make sure they take a highly consultative approach to working with every customer who comes to us. We ensure we are not “pushing” a product on everyone but more like fitting a product to your specific needs. Asking open-ended questions and more importantly, listening to our clients allows us to tailor-fit the best solution to the shop owners. Having every platform covered, payment plan options and multiple product sets allows us to cover every need possible for our clients. Our specialist will also share successful use cases to help our customers make decisions to what works best for other shop owners who have been in a similar situation. We know you’re going to be using PawnMaster for a long time. We know it’s the best fit because it’s fit for your needs. No more, no less.


Vanessa_Gray_Headshot_cropped.jpg Post Sales
Vanessa Gray, Director of Finance

Here at Data Age, our customer-centric culture can be seen in everything we do. The post sales process is no exception. This division contains three distinct functions: administration, accounting, and fulfillment. All of the individuals in these departments work very closely together to bring you seamless delivery of products and services. The customer is our highest priority. Everything from billing, responding to account inquiries, leveraging our joint buying power to negotiate the lowest costs for hardware to accurate delivery of all orders is handled by these teams every day with the sole purpose of making each customers’ experiences the best it can be. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest expectations of our staff to ensure we live up to the trust our customers placed in us when they chose to partner with Data Age Business Systems.


RichHeadshot_cropped.png Implementation
Italo Gonsalves, Director of Technical Support & Implementation

 We feel the real fun begins here for not only us but the customer as well.  At this stage, the customer gets very excited because they are very close to seeing swift return on their software investment and can see how the software will make them more profitable. The customer’s experience is key to me in the role I play as Support Director. I strive to make sure any new store that is on-boarded go as smoothly as humanly possible for the client. This can be a challenging and stressful time for the pawn shop owner. We understand that. There’s new software for you and your employees to learn and master, there’s configuration and compliance concerns, hardware setup, and not to mention a business to run. Things need to work, and things need to work smoothly. The customer will remember us based on this implementation experience. This is why we pride ourselves on our new client onboarding experience.


Naomi_Walker_Headshot_cropped.jpg Training
Naomi Walker, Training Director

Knowledge is Power, and here at Data Age we are proud to offer our customers training that empowers you to maximize our software for your business’ success. We’ve got you covered right from beginning, and will always be here as your business and understanding of PawnMaster grows. After your initial implementation, our trainers walk you through, one-on-one, step-by-step, how the software will run in your shop. We get you up and running in that first session, so you can get on to the business of writing pawns right away. Whether we travel to your shop, you come to Data Age University in Clearwater, or we conduct a remote session over the phone/internet, we love meeting customers. We love learning how you run your business and hearing about your shop’s personalities, stories and customers. Even after 30 years and thousands of customers, we know that no two shops are exactly alike, so neither is your training! We also know that our jobs in training rarely end after that initial training session. We give you on-demand troubleshooting and training tools, and our Tech Support team is always available to help you, but sometimes there’s a need for more training. It’s always gratifying to reconnect with customers to help answer questions, provide solutions, or offer continuing education and consultation on maximizing PawnMaster. Additional training topics may include basic refreshers, controls, reports, or add-on modules. We love hearing about your experiences with the software, and often times we learn just as much from you as you do from us! Both the PawnMaster product and training we provide have been built and improved upon based on what we’ve learned from our customers over the years. The Data Age Training team is always learning and improving, so our customers can too.     


Ashlee_B_headshot.jpg Account Management
Ashlee Baumgartner, Account Manager

Every pawn shop is unique in its own way and many pawnbrokers have different goals for their business. I have had the opportunity to work with over a thousand different pawnbrokers during my 6 years at Data Age. I enjoying helping find solutions to the unique issues each shop may have. I have had customers come to me with marketing issues so we pull reports to see, based on current efforts how they are paying off for them, and to know what they should invest their money in for the future. We then look at demographic reports in PawnMaster to see who their best customers are and who their target market is for their shop. I have also helped customers who were concerned about security and theft. PawnMaster has many ways to ensure you know exactly what is going on in your business at any time, even if you are not physically there. There are many ways for us to help maximize your profits and minimize your risk. My job is to help you do just that.


Road Map
Len Summa, COO

Over the years, our product has continued to be number one in the industry because our clients have helped enhance the feature-rich functionalities. Each year we improve our products based on feedback from the tightly woven network of clients we have. This collaboration also helps with compliance-related needs. Having our entire development team in-house, at our Clearwater, Florida offices allows us great speed to market. Our future roadmaps get created from taking requests from our customers. Our Ignite and Classic products will continue to lead the way and have advanced business intelligence baked right in to allow decision makers even more information to operate at maximum profits. With the help of our loyal customers, a great staff and a market continually in need for accurate and transparent information, Data Age will view the future as now and leverage the nearly three decades of success as we press forward in the years to come.