I Didn’t Know it Could Do That

Pawnshop owners are an independent group. Many have migrated to our industry from other businesses or jobs seeking the independence and freedom to be their own boss. They tend to be sharp, quick thinking and most of all, decision makers. It can be difficult for business owners with these personality traits to admit there are areas they in their business that can be improved upon. Often times training on their management software, probably the single most valuable business tools they own, is often seen as a luxury or worse, unnecessary. Especially if they have been using their system for years. There are so many other issues that require their attention, setting aside valuable time to learn a program they have used for years just isn’t a priority.

More than half of our customers that attend Data Age University have been using PawnMaster for more than 4 years. The phrase we hear most often is “I didn’t know it could do that!”. Getting a deeper understanding of the system that runs your business gives you a deeper understanding of your business. Knowing what tools to use to quickly and easily identify problems, shrinkage and even theft as well as potential growth areas, gives our customers a huge advantage over their competitors.

By using our customer’s data during their training session we are often able to identify areas for immediate improvement, easily covering the cost of their training session. The in-depth education program gives them the tools to make smarter decisions.

PawnMaster has been around for over 25 years and has grown exponentially every year. The vast array of new features added every year makes it difficult for anyone to have a complete understanding of every aspect without some guidance. We have several training programs available and can custom fit most of them to your specific needs.

How many times have you hired a new employee? Did you know we offer free online training videos? This is the best way to get new employees up to speed on the basics such as entering a pawn, entering a sale, doing a layaway, etc. We even offer free training on advance features such as quick quote and using the wireless inventory gun. If you haven’t seen these videos we encourage you to contact your account manager and find out how to access valuable, free training.

Take advantage of every opportunity to learn more about the tools that drive your business. The results will have you say “I didn’t know I could do that!”.