How do you know if a Diamond is LAB MADE? With FLUORESCENCE!



Did you know Synthetic Diamonds do not show Blue Fluorescence? 
The best thing you can do to ensure you are buying a natural diamond is to buy a diamond WITH blue fluorescence. Not only that, but with a flood of synthetic diamonds hitting the market I believe the price of fluorescent diamonds will go UP, so tell your customers to buy them now! 

If a customer asks for NO FLUORESCENCE, ask them “WHY?!”

They don’t know! This is a great chance to educate them & sell a diamond!

You don’t want Fluorescence because it might look hazy… But wait! Did you know less than 0.2% of fluorescence diamonds are hazy! Why would anyone reject a beautiful diamond because of such a SMALL possibility!
Photographed to the right is a GIA card saying, “For the overwhelming majority of diamonds, the strength of fluorescence has no widely noticeable effect on appearance… 

…fewer than 0.2% of forescent diamonds submitted to GIA exhibit this (hazy or oily) effect.”


As you can see on the RAPAPORT, some diamonds with Fluorescence sell at a PREMIUM because they look whiter.

Because there is so much stigma, you can pick up a BRIGHT stunning diamond for as much as 15% less! Fluorescence saves you money!
I LOVE SAVING YOU MONEY & this is a great way to do it.

People get spooked by a few hazy diamonds. The GIA, seeking to put the whole matter to rest, embarked on a massive comparison of 26,010 diamonds! John King and Tom Moses, two of the study’s authors said,  “In the overwhelming percent of diamonds, there is no effect on the appearance.”

My own wedding ring is strong blue and I love it!