Hey AWS… How is Business? Booming!


Do you use Netflix? If not, surely you know someone who does since they have 47 million subscribers in the US and 83 million subscribers worldwide. Last year, Netflix streamed 42.2 BILLION hours of content though AWS. Oh and by the way – they dominate internet traffic. In fact, last year they accounted for 36% of downstream internet traffic in North America. That’s more than YouTube, Facebook, iTunes and Hulu combined.

With all that being said, did you know that Netflix trusts Amazon Web Services (AWS) with ALL of that data? All of that customer information…

But Netflix is only one of so many vendors who put their trust into Amazon Web Services. These are just a few of the prestigious brands, some publicly traded, all widely trusted, who demand security and performance, that use AWS.


Bristol-Myers Squibb

Capital One

Cleveland Clinic


Data Age Business Systems


Dow Jones

General Electric

Harvard Medical School


Indianapolis Motor Speedway


ME Bank

MLB Advanced Media






Pitney Bowes

Sage Software


University of California Berkeley

University of Notre Dame


US Department of State

As the pre-eminent leader in the markets we serve, Data Age is proud to be partnered with the most widely used cloud provider on the planet. One million active customers can’t be wrong. Amazon has got it right and will be a leader in this space for a long time because of their economies of scale. We were courted by all the top providers but selected Amazon for many reasons. Reliability, security, redundancy and a world-class name behind all of this. As a valued partner, AWS has made it very easy to launch our new cloud product, which is the only true cloud product in our space. One million customers and tens of millions of end users, including our clients, rest easy knowing this world class organization is behind them.