Google Changes Coming in October 2017


Why is Google Doing it?

This is an attempt to push more folks to upgrade their websites to allow for a secure browser connection and greater online safety for all. Savvy online shoppers know to look for a secure link before entering their credit card number.

A securely connected site has an associated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, which signifies to the browser and to the web user that your site is secure and safe to enter login information and make payments on.

What is HTTPS and why does this matter?

If you have a website, or visit websites online, you must care about HTTPS. HTTPS, short for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol over TLS“, is a protocol that allows secure communication between computer networks, such as the browser on a local computer or the server serving the content being accessed. Every website on the “World Wide Web” uses either HTTP or HTTPS. For example, our websites use the HTTPS protocol (as illustrated in the address bar).


Listings through PawnMaster’s e-foro eCommerce integration are already secure so you won’t have to worry about this change.


HTTPS Advantages

  • HTTP websites show as insecure in future browser updates, whereas HTTPS shows as secure
  • Potentially improves rankings in Google Search Results
  • Security, which allows processing of sensitive information such as payment processing
  • Speed
  • Keeps referral data in Analytics, as HTTP websites that have visitors coming from a HTTPS website to a HTTP website lose their referral data of those visitors. However, HTTPS website retain their referral data from visitors coming from either a HTTP or HTTPS website

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