Goal Planning in Times of Uncertainty

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It can be very easy in times of uncertainty to push off goal planning because you don’t know what next month is going to bring. It is for exactly this reason that, if you have not already done so, you should be setting aside time to plan and set goals now.

  1. When an individual or team has goals they are working towards, it provides a FOCUS for their energy. It allows for work to become a place that is associated with less anxiety than the 24-hour news feed they are watching outside the business.
  2. Having goals, especially when working towards them with a team, gives a PURPOSE to get out of bed and get to work each day. People are more fulfilled when they feel like they have a sense of purpose.
  3. When people feel that their efforts are meaningless in the grand scheme of life, it leaves them feeling adrift. Knowing that one’s efforts are contributing to the greater good of a team, brings a sense of FULFILLMENT that serves as a soothing balm to anxiety and worries.
  4. Expecting the best while preparing for the worst will help you and your team to be more PRODUCTIVE no matter what scenarios your path holds. When you have worked hard to position yourself and your business to thrive no matter what, the rewards will pay off.
  5. For those who have plans and goals already established for the new-year, now is a great time to reassess and readjust if necessary. Quarterly or at the onset of unexpected circumstances is the time to examine your plans and ensure your action plan still makes sense for STABILITY in light of changing circumstances. 

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