Giving Back – A Pawn USA


We’re big about giving back here at Data Age/PawnMaster; we hold charity drives on an almost monthly basis, and blood donations every eight weeks. It’s important to us to be seen as part of our community, and we love being able to give back in any way we can. When we heard about how one of our customers reached out and gave back within their own community, we were blown away.

Our friends over at A Pawn USA in Clermont, Florida are some of our favorite clients. They’ve opened their shop to us on multiple occasions for filming and training, and even went so far as to offer our CEO the use of their house during last year’s hurricane season when he was forced to evacuate. They demonstrate the same level of compassion we like to think we exhibit, and this recent story only goes to prove that point.

Back in March, a customer came into A Pawn USA with an encased United States flag dating back to World War II. The customer had purchased the flag at a yard sale but other than a small engraved plaque on the wooden box, they had no other information on the piece. Curious on the background of the flag, the staff at A Pawn agreed to purchase it and began to do some sleuthing of their own. Owner Josh Barkan and Marketing Manager Taryn Bushman got to work researching the flag in an attempt to find the rightful owner.

With a lot of Googling and some help from the rest of the A Pawn USA staff, they were able to locate the daughters of the Navy veteran to whom the flag was originally presented. Their six month search ended with a tearful reunion when Josh and Taryn were able to return the family heirloom and close the chapter on this awesome story of giving back.

Check out Josh and Taryn telling their story on Good Day Orlando below. (video credit FOX 35 WOLF Orlando)

Are you looking for ways to give back to your community? Check out our Helpful Hands series on YouTube, where we interview pawn shop owners just like you on the ways they give back to the communities that they call home.
Do you have community programs in place or hold events at your shop? We’d love to hear about it! Email [email protected] and let us know how you’re giving back!