Get your Business Supplies from Data Age — Quality, Convenience, Competitive Prices


When it comes to running any type of business the last thing the owner of a shop wants to worry about is their back-end inventory supplies. Especially when they get the call from a manager, “Hey we’re out of labels, toner” “…or ribbon.” This is usually when the shop owner picks the quick fix, whether it be making a run to their local office supplies store or hopping on the Internet and paying for expedited shipping. Yes, this resolves the issue for a couple of months until the shop runs low again.

The majority of the shops I come across that are running into similar issues are unaware that Data Age Business Systems/ PawnMaster, provides these supplies at a very competitive price. On average PawnMaster save their customers $2,000 a year on supplies. How are we able to do this? The fact that we are the industry-leading Software Company and supply thousands of shops with supplies, we are able to use our buying power to purchase supplies in large volumes and offer the savings back to the shop owner. This eliminates the need for shop owners to have to pay the retail/Big Box store prices on their supplies. We make it convenient and competitive at the same time.

Overall there are three major advantages to ordering your supplies through Data Age Business System/PawnMaster:


Ordering through Data Age is a very simple process, you can either:

1. E-mail your order in directly to your sales representative and they will process it for you 


2. You can make a quick, simple call and notify the front desk.

Not only is that easy, you will also have our consumables department set follow-up call for you every three months to make sure everything is running smoothly and supplies are stocked up. 


PawnMaster is the leading software vendor in the industry and we supply thousands of shops with supplies. We are able to use our buying power to offer the savings directly to the shop owner eliminating the need to surf the web and pay the retail/big box store prices. Not only that, if you find a better price out there, send in a statement or link to the purchase and we will match any price out there.


Data Age Business System’s/ PawnMaster stands behind the quality of our products. If you run into any issues while purchasing supplies through us, as in defected labels or ribbon. Give us a call and we will swap them out for you at no charge. With  different selections of both inventory and jewelry labels, we have the supplies with the utmost professional look and quality of material.

If you have questions or need to order, I can be reached at 888-949-7296 ext. 1135 or email me directly at [email protected]. Also, if you have never purchased supplies through Data Age/PawnMaster you’re eligible for 20% OFF you first purchase!