Find Your “Special”


When I was a kid, I wanted to be an actor. I wanted to make my mark on the world. I wanted to be something interesting and in some cases, extraordinary and more importantly something special. I was born and raised in Milwaukee and moved to Chicago to pursue my acting career when I was 21. I earned my sag/aftra status 90 days after moving to Illinois for an appearance in a BBQ Chex Mix national TV spot. I auditioned as much as I could, I worked a lot, made friends and had fun.

I was fortunate to work with Milton Berle, Florence Henderson, Ed McMahon and Kevin Bacon along with many others on a CD-ROM trivia game I hosted called You Don’t Know Jack Vol 2. I worked on an Oprah TV movie of the week for ABC called There are No Children Here, Basic Football with Burt Reynolds (punter), Early Edition on CBS with Kyle Chandler (twice), Turks on CBS with William Devane and the MGM feature film, Return to Me with Bonnie Hunt and David Duchovny. I worked hard, cared about my craft, auditioned, observed and cared about the people I worked with and for.

I was special and I was born to do something special and while I was feeling special, I bartended, sold electronics and even catered bar mitzvahs, birthday parties and weddings on weekends and weekend nights. We’ve all worked hard and had to start somewhere, do what needed to be done  and continue to work hard.

I approached my career early on in the refining industry (when gold was $256 toz) very much  the same way. It just felt right, you know. I never have missed a day or not shown up, I’m rarely sick or sick enough not to work, I don’t use up my allotted vacation days and I’m available always. I worked hard, learned, listened, observed and cared about everything and everyone from the start. I felt like a kid in a candy store; excited to see what was around the corner. I came in everyday ready to work and be there for clients and everyday I prospected for new clients who I knew, if I could earn their trust and their business, they would be better off.

I think those of us in our industry as a whole, whether you’re a jeweler, pawnbroker, refiner, diamond broker…. It is a passion. You open up your shops everyday wanting to be great and be better than yesterday and the day before that. There is something great about what we do and who we are. I think every one of my clients, their families, businesses – are special. Good people who work hard. It’s a blessing, isn’t it !?

We are fortunate in so many ways; fortunate to make a living, have longevity in a career and not just punch a 9-5 job. I work well beyond 50 hours a week as my clientele will attest to. I love taking calls on Sunday afternoons – it means I’m being thought of and my assistance is needed. That is a great feeling.

If you want something done; give it to a busy person. We all know the harder you work, the luckier you get. What makes you feel special? Is it helping people in need? Providing your families with a roof over their head and food on the table? Helping your employees and their families? A nice car? A vacation?

Whatever it may be; that is with you. Give your days the best you have, treat people right. It rolls into your personal life. Go above and beyond even if it’s one time per day. It feels great; it will come back to you for the good in so many ways.