Filling the Knowledge Gap




I believe the Pawnbroker Development program is important because there is so much, as a pawnbroker, that you need to learn and understand. From being out on the location what you understand is that there is a big knowledge gap, from the way business used to be as a pawnbroker to the way it is now. This program helps us close that gap. It helps us understand, “this is what you need to know” and let’s start to educate you in a way that is non-threatening and is going to help your business improve and be more successful.

One of the things I think this gap comes from is that the business has changed and when you’ve owned a business or done something the same way for so long, you continue to do it that way. There’s a combination of that and the other side of it is the younger generation taking over locations that were opened when this business was booming, seven, eight, nine, ten years ago. So, you’ve got people learning the business that didn’t come from the business. You’ve got people taking over, you know second generation owners and you have the old school pawnbrokers still kind of doing things the way they used to twenty, thirty years ago, and expecting the business model to be the same.