February Recap

As Data Age moves closer to the 3,000 client mark, our customers are reporting February was a month of growth and opportunity. It is obvious this progressive trend is continuing as we are experiencing both new store openings and expansion units being added by our existing clients. We also applaud the efforts and work delivered to the market by the other vendors in the space, as they continue to service our industry and open up new stores as well. With 35 new stores coming on line in February, Data Age continues to take mantel of the pre-eminent leader in the space. Our enhanced focus on education, support and & product development, all based on the feedback from the thousands of clients, is paying big dividends.

The Power of the PawnMaster network has helped many new and existing brokers in a multitude of ways. As our brokers continue to build on their existing business as well as expand their operations, they are able to leverage the PawnMaster network to help them save money and build beneficial relationships with a wide variety of vendors.

Some of the many advantages of working with a well-established and stable company is the ability to focus on, and listen to their client base. We have been preaching this for a while now and we continue to hear that ongoing education, world class support and agile development cycles are still the areas of significant interest for our clients. Having all of these resources under one roof affords our clients a real competitive advantage in the market place. This stability gives our customers the ability to focus on THEIR customers and their businesses. They know as long as they’re in business they have a partner backing them up.

Since the inception of Data Age University, our on-site and off-site training programs, our clients are reporting huge returns based on the continued education we and our partners like the Pawn Shop Consulting Group are providing them. Not only helping them maximize the efficiency of their stores by using PawnMaster but also assisting them in many other areas like marketing, demand generation and overall business operations.

At Data age we have built a culture of high integrity and high standards. We are happy to see other vendors and brokers in our space holding themselves to these same principles. We have begun reaching out to these businesses and individuals, asking them to help us improve the quality of information available about our industry. You probably have seen our client corner blog posts and Facebook posts on improving your marketing, updating your website, and other business ideas. We will continue to provided this type of information, including insights from experienced pawnbrokers, marketers, and more. This is a great time to be in the pawn industry and we are excited about the future.

I hope everyone has a productive and profitable March.