Fear and Anxiety


As we know the two emotions that are present for the in every sales opportunity is fear and greed. These are very powerful and occur at their own unique times in the sales cycle for customers. Sales people have their own emotions they have to contend with as well. Fear and Anxiety for a sales rep can become a real issue if not addressed swiftly. One sure way to attack any fear or anxiety of losing a deal is to prepare. Preparation, especially in the qualification/needs assessment stage of the opportunity can retrain your focus on the deal itself, and the customers’ needs as opposed to the win/lose crunch. Quotas will always be part of our trade we can’t get around this. Some would say they hating losing as much as they love winning. Having focus on the opportunity at hand and executing to the basics you have trained on for years will always temper any fear and will always place you in a position to win. Making sure you navigate through each step in your sales process will always ensure you get close to the opportunity. By doing all of this, you should have an opportunity to continue to qualify the opportunity forward and win or qualify the opportunity out and punt, which is some cases is just as good as a win. Address your fears and worries swiftly and don’t allow to get you in a vice grip.