Every Loan is a Relationship


Every time a pawn shop writes a loan, a relationship begins.  Whether it’s for a new or returning customer, each loan is the start of a relationship with someone who will visit the store over and over, and whose experience will impact the success of the business. 

Ideally, each customer will walk through those doors many times during the loan period to make payments, redeem their item, and perhaps purchase, sell, or pawn other items in the future.  Each one of those transactions can bring revenue into the store, but only if the relationship is good one.  The customer’s opinion of the store’s staff, service, and inventory will influence whether they return, how often, how much money they spend, and what they say about the store to their friends and family.

So knowing this, how can a pawn shop build positive, profitable and long-term relationships?  The answer: One customer at a time! Wisdom teaches us that many times one size does not fill all. Seasoned pawn brokers will tell you that every item has a story behind it, and every customer has a story behind their need for a loan. Even though PawnMaster software doesn’t collect these stories, we know each pawn shop is a hub of activity, stories and connections in their local community.

Here at Data Age, we understand the importance of customer relationships and have designed PawnMaster with that in mind. Our software makes transactions quick and easy, so staff can focus on customers instead of the computer screen. For those shops that take it to the next level, features like Text Messaging enable pawn shops to send personalized messages to customers such as payment reminders, birthday and anniversary offers, promotions, and even wanted “wish list” item notifications.  Using our Customer Loyalty Points feature will keep customers coming back to your store to accumulate points that can be redeemed for dollars! 

“The greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in” – Anonymous