Eight Ideas for Marketing Your Pawn Shop on Social Media

  1. Post photos of your products. Even if the people following you aren’t looking for a specific item, they may know someone who is. Be sure to include some information in the comment section such as size, price, etc.


  1. Ask your customers to check in on Facebook, at your store. Offer a discount for check-ins. When your customers check in at your store, their friends see that they were there. When their friends “Like” their status, their friends see the post in their feed. All this means more exposure for you!


  1. Hold a contest. Contests don’t have to be complicated. Post a trivia question and give the first five people who answer correctly a discount code. You can track this right inside your PawnMaster software. You can do this on a regular basis, so your following begins to expect it. For example you can do #TriviaTuesday.


  1. If you sell vintage items, do a #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) campaign. Post pictures and descriptions of the vintage items you have for sale.


  1. Ask your customers to “Like” and “Follow” you for insider sales.


  1. Share photos of your staff, introduce them, recognize them, and make them visible so when people come in to your shop, they see a familiar face.


  1. Thought leadership is a great way to gain credibility. If you read an article that was interesting, share the link on your page for others to see. This can start a discussion around the topic, generating activity on your page. If others share your article, you will gain exposure that way too.


  1. Set a goal for the number of “Likes” you receive. Once you achieve that number, offer a discount to all your Facebook followers. You can do the same for all the other social media channels you use.