e-foro; Making eCommerce Easier

Back in the day I made a modest amount of money selling books online. Comics, paperbacks, new and used; that sort of thing. The biggest headache I had at the time was keeping track of my inventory across multiple platforms. When I sold something on eBay, I had to quickly take it off Amazon. If I sold it on Amazon, I had to quickly take it off eBay. And if it was a hot item, invariably I would double sell.

There were a few tools out there that worked with Amazon, eBay, and other platforms, but they cost a fortune and were geared for bookstores with a high profit margin. i.e. No one. Independent bookstores had (and still do, as far as I know) such low profit margins that they couldn’t rationalize spending thousands a month for an online product. The big guys already had something built in-house.

And little shops like mine fell somewhere below all that.

Then I stumbled across PawnMaster’s eCommerce module — e-foro. “Hey,” I said to no one, because I live a very lonely life. “This could work for e-commerce businesses other than pawn shops!”

E-foro provides all the tools anyone could possibly need to manage their inventory across multiple platforms. A central place to manage all your inventory, maintain images, and schedule listings across eBay, Amazon, Gunbroker.com, as well as your own website.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works: 

You have a book you’d like to put up for sale. You have it listed on your storefront, or maybe at your pawn shop. But you want to tap into the millions of eyeballs on eBay and Amazon. So you plug in Crosspostit. It maintains your inventory and pushes copies of your listing to the online stores of your choice. Add images, descriptions, payment types, and all the traditional fixings.


When someone buys your book, Crosspostit automatically updates your master inventory list, removing the book from other platforms. An invoice can be sent through the software, and payment can be imported directly into QuickBooks. Crosspostit coordinates the shipping and can provide reports on all aspects of the sale. If you already have a bajillion products live on eBay, you can import all of them directly into Crosspostit.

Plus, there are no additional transaction fees to get in the way, just your monthly subscription. It’s awesome.

It works much the same way if you have a Pawn shop. PawnMaster Ignite (or Classic) integrates seamlessly with a version of Crosspostit, called e-foro, and does the exact same thing. Manages inventory across selling platforms, tracks sales, and manages shipping.

No matter how you do e-commerce, it seamlessly fits into your existing workflow, and makes everything easier. You can focus on your business instead of where your products are selling online.