Do I Need Special Training to Become a Pawnbroker?

is special training needed

In some ways, being a pawnbroker isn’t as complicated as you may expect. However, you might start to realize that there is a lot of knowledge about products that you need to know about. The primary skill a pawnbroker needs to possess is the ability to evaluate a wide range of merchandise from jewelry, diamonds, watches as well as tools and anything of value.  Proper evaluation is essential in maintaining a healthy loan balance and establishing a solid retail profit center if an item forfeits. 

This is one of the few professions where you may be loaning on a 25k 3 ct diamond and 5 minutes later, a $10 drill, and everything in between. Simply said, Pawnbrokers need to know about a lot of different types of merchandise and be able to distinguish the real from the fake. Loaning on fake items can cost a broker a lot of money. Learning the right way will put you on the right track to success.

As all jobs typically require a certain skill set or training, it’s not uncommon to wonder if you need special training to become a pawnbroker. Do you need to attend a course and obtain a certificate? Is there any special training that you require? Some local Police departments offer a class on what they require of the shops in their jurisdictions, and it is advised that you attend and develop a solid relationship with Law enforcement.

Wondering how to start a pawn shop?

Is Special Training Required to Become a Pawnbroker?

The short answer is no, special training is not required to become a pawnbroker. In order to open up a pawn shop or even work at one, you won’t be required to have a special certification or attend a specific course.

This being said, it is highly recommended that you at least look into the option of training before opening a pawn shop. There are often a lot of confusing legal processes that pawnbrokers must follow, and ignorance of a law is not an excuse. The best way to learn the business is to work in it prior to opening your own. Many large companies are looking for help and have excellent training for their employees, you’ll be much more prepared for the legal processes and the laws surrounding pawn shops.

What Do I Need To Know?

It helps to learn some basic business principles so you can manage your pawn shop in a profitable way. It’s crucial to educate yourself about the best methods of pawning items, and the fundamentals of running a pawn shop.

As laws vary from state to state, you will need to find out more about your state’s laws surrounding pawnbroking. It’s vital that you know how to look for, read, and understand the laws in your state as you can face heavy fines and in some cases, jail time.

Other areas that are helpful to learn about include lowering your employee turnover rate, providing effective customer service, improving productivity, recruiting efficiently, and implementing effective standard operational practices.

It’s also crucial to think about how you will manage your pawnshop transactions. This is where a Point-of-Sale system like PawnMaster is invaluable. Instead of doing everything manually, PawnMaster helps you save time, streamline your inventory management, generate reports and keep track of your bookkeeping.

Can I Get a Degree in Pawnbroking?

If you’re looking for a university degree, you won’t find one specific to pawnbroking. However, business degrees are useful and can help open your eyes to the laws surrounding business operations.

Different focuses within a business degree can help make various aspects of owning a pawn shop easier. For example, if you concentrate on business administration, you’ll have more precise tactics for running a pawnshop business. If you minor in marketing, you’ll be able to improve your pawn shop’s brand awareness effectively.


To become a pawnbroker, you don’t need to complete any special training or hold a certain certification, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t proactively educate yourself about the industry or how to manage your pawn shop. If you want to give your business the best chance at success, doing your research and making adequate preparations can improve your odds and help you start on the right foot.