“Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence”

If you were on the fence about going to this year’s NPA Pawn Expo, here is what you will be missing. There aren’t too many people who don’t recognize this iconic brand and what it stands for, and this year they are hosting one of the educational sessions at the show.

Since the founding of Disney Institute in 1986, millions of professionals representing virtually every sector of business from over 45 countries around the globe have had an opportunity to witness and experience the time-tested best practices, sound methodologies and real-life business lessons that have led to the global success of Disney. Disney Institute training methods are focused on three key program outcomes: knowledge, comprehension and application.

Disney Institute inspires leaders not only to change their business practices, but also to examine their business issues in an entirely new light. Thousands of leading organizations from around the world have found more in common with Disney than they ever imagined.

With Disney Institute, you can learn to think like we do. Bring us your business challenges and we will show you a clear, simplified way of looking at the already right in front of you – elegant, effective solutions, problems and seeing what’s probably “D’THINK YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS.”

Leadership Excellence explores strategies and tactics for delivering results through Disney’s approach to values-based leadership, helping organizations to grow and succeed. Learn proven leadership principles for influencing significant change in your organization, your team, and yourself as a leader.

Lastly, don’t forget to come by Data Age’s PawnMaster booth to learn about all the new goodies that you can take back to your shop and start implementing immediately.