Differentiation in Business


Many people ask me, “how do you differentiate yourself at Data Age/PawnMaster?”

The word differentiate is a powerful one, and when done right in business, it can yield great dividends. 

No matter if you have been in corporate America or you own your own business, separating yourself from the pack is vital. I have been fortunate enough to own my own businesses and to have also worked in some large corporate organizations. It made no difference for me in terms of differentiation being vital to my success and the success of my team. It’s what has always moved us forward and separated us from the herd. I truly believe in this phrase, and I use it frequently. 

As the pre-eminent leader in our industry, I don’t want to be a vendor in our customers’ hallways, but rather a partner in their board rooms. Simply put, being a leader takes more than simply selling a product or a service. To be truly successful, you have to focus squarely on your customer — your customer being a business or a patron walking into your store. You are tasked to helped them in some way, shape, or form. In this industry, and quite frankly all industries, understanding the customer’s needs and treating them like they are the most important person or company on the planet goes a very long way. Going beyond the obvious in a sales situation will make a lasting impact on your customers.

We truly value PawnMaster Nation and stay focused on their success. Don’t get distracted…focus on your business and your customers. The holiday season is near and there’s no better time to hunker down and practice great customer service than right now.