Didi Abdulnabi Named Director of Marketing for Data Age

DiDi-Press-Release-Banner-TemplateData Age Business Systems, the developer of PawnMaster, the industry leading pawn management software, is proud to announce the appointment of Didi Abdulnabi to Director of Marketing. 

Didi’s vast videography, journalism, and marketing backgrounds have given her the skill-set needed to take Data Age’s marketing team to new heights. Obtaining her Digital and Broadcast Journalism degree from the University of Georgia was just the start of her journey. From hosting and producing a television series in the Canadian Province of Newfoundland, viewed in over half a million homes, to simultaneously owning and running her own wedding videography company for 4 years, Didi brings a multitude of talent to the table, including extensive experience in content creation and social media coordinating, which enabled her to grow a start-up company’s social following from 8k to 70k within the first year.

Since Joining the Data Age team in 2019, Didi has accomplished a great deal in a short time. Data Age has now reached wider audiences after launching new social media profiles and several new video series aimed at educating and consulting their customer base. Additionally, Data Age has seen significant advancements in their company culture as well as a more structured marketing team, all resulting from her direct efforts.

Commenting on Didi’s appointment Len Summa, CEO of Data Age Business Systems, states “Didi has come in and enhanced an already world-class marketing team. Her background in videography brings a very dynamic and fresh approach to deliver high-quality content PawnMaster Nation has come to expect.  Didi and her team will continue to connect with our market to educate but also to engage. Engaging and communicating with our customers will continue to differentiate and distinguish Data Age as the preeminent leader in our market.”

When Didi is not working on content creation or marketing strategy, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. As a new Florida resident, she enjoys spending her weekends on the beach or anywhere she can soak up the sun. She looks forward to her journey exploring the sunshine state as well as pushing the limits of the Data Age Marketing team.