Did You Know? Enhanced Search Functionality

PawnMaster has expanded the search capabilities when using a ticket number to find a customer. By entering just one ticket number in the payment screen PawnMaster will now bring up a list of all active loans for the customer on that ticket number. This makes taking payments for multiple tickets much faster.

This feature needs to be enabled in your system setup. To do so go to the Admin menu, select Store Setup and then System Options. Make sure you are on the “Pawn / Buys” tab, select the “Other” sub-tab and then the Page 2 sub-tab On this page, check the box that says “Select all transactions for customer when making a payment”. Hit save and exit. That’s it.
Another search feature is the ability to search for a customer by cell phone number. All you have to do is enter their cell number in the “Phone” box in the search window. PawnMaster will also search the Cell Phone field for that number. To see the ticket number search in action watch our Enhanced Search video on in our “Did You Know” series at www.pawnmaster.com