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For many years, I flew out to New York City and Las Vegas to attend the Interop. I know, it sounds pretty rough but I made the most of it. If you are not familiar, Interop is an annual  trade show promoting interoperability, IP networks, and emerging cloud computing technology.   

When I first started going to Interop, cloud and virtualization were just starting to be mentioned. My initial thoughts were around security and connectivity issues. I attended seminars from the largest tech companies in the world and the general consensus at the time was, “What exactly defines ‘Cloud’ ?” I also noticed that the majority of these companies, in my opinion, had a generally negative opinion of this new Cloud technology. Why it wouldn’t work, Why it wouldn’t scale, Cons far outweigh the Pros, etc. There was a speaker at many of these workshops and for every negative that was thrown around, he had a rebuttal and a vision for why he thought it would work and would eventually be the future of data hosting. I was intrigued and so I got his information and kept in contact with him. He was one of the designers for Amazon’s AWS. 

They say hind sight is 20/20 and I would like to believe that my discussions with him had an impact years later when I was tasked with finding the right Cloud provider for PawnMaster Ignite. I thought about all of this when I read the attached article. AWS is setting the standards and doing so because they believed in the product they were building very early on when it wasn’t the popular buzz word you hear everywhere today.