Delivering The Gold Standard of Technical Support


Since 1988, Data Age has provided world-class technical support and software updates with every product we sell. Our unique support proposition drives down total-cost-of-ownership and sets Data Age/PawnMaster apart from other industry players that charge high hourly rates. We have set ourselves apart from all other competition in our space.

“What does it really mean,” you may ask, “to Deliver the Gold Standard of Technical Support?” I believe that simply put, it means that you are delivering Support that is the measuring standard that all others are striving to provide. You are the best at Support and what you do in your technology space. 

“How does Data Age/Pawnmaster Deliver the Gold Standard Support?” you ask. First we hire with specifics in mind for our Technical Support Team. We hire on various variables but the one main factor we look for is that they LOVE TECHNOLOGY and are passionate about it in any form. We then analyze their progress and development on a consistent basis to continue their improvement. A well-trained, happy employee leads to Gold Standard Technical Support.

Second, you must provide Best-in-Class Customer Satisfaction. One thing that makes our Support team special is the genuine care and empathy they have for our customers. Every call is handled in a personal manner, with an understanding of the effect it has to each customer’s success. Another factor that sets our team apart from the rest is their willingness to go above and beyond for Data Age customers. We look at our solutions as an extension of our customers’ businesses; as an integral cog in their machine. We want our customers to be successful and we view our systems as a way for them to achieve that success.

Finally, you must have Best-in-Class Corporate Growth. To be a company providing the Gold Standard of Technical Support, your company must be growing consistently and in various ways. You must always be looking to improve processes for the betterment of the customer. Evaluate your team for any weaknesses and correct those immediately. Customers will be more than willing to pay a fair premium based on the high level of support they get with Data Age/Pawnmaster. Corporate Growth is a true testament that you are doing things well because you are the Gold Standard Leader in the Industry.

At the end of the day, a company is nothing without its customers. With this in mind, most companies tend to take a customer-focused approach to business, by putting the needs of their customers above all else. Here at Data Age, our award winning support team lives this approach on a daily basis, and we’re so proud of their hard work this year!

Support can be a thankless job.  If a customer reaches out to support, they need help with an issue that can be stressful. They need a solution, and a positive interaction, in a timely manner. Data Age’s Technical Support Staff places an emphasis on providing our customers with the best customer service and experience possible. I believe this is why we are a miles ahead in our industry.

With an amazing year coming to a close, we wanted to take a moment to recognize our Gold Standard Technical Support Team who knocked it out of the park in 2016. From those stressful Windows 10 updates to the new MLA update. They have made it their priority to ensure that all our customers are taken care of, and have done an amazing job!

So to our Gold Standard Technical Support Team, from the rest of the team, congratulations on a great year.  Thank you for everything that you do and everything that you represent!